With an assist from HKH Advertising, AAPG Datapages, a wholly owned subsidiary of the American DEO WEBSITEAssociation of Petroleum Geologists, has launched a major new product for exploration geologists: Datapages Exploration Objects™ (DEO).


DEO is a next-generation online search-and-retrieval tool that mines a deep index of the vast AAPG Archives – digital archives of publications of the AAPG and more than 45 allied petroleum geology groups, spanning nearly 100 years.


DEO finds and retrieves from this deep index maps, charts, geological cross-sections and other objects needed by explorationists for the analysis and evaluation of oil and natural gas opportunities. DEO makes these exploration objects available for download in industry-standard “GIS-ready” format for fast, easy import into Geographic Information Systems.

DEo Interface 

With the amazingly intuitive, user-friendly DEO interface – zooming in on areas of interest on an interactive background map of the world – exploration geologists can now do in minutes what used to take hours or even days.


HKH produced the DEO gateway website as well as a “Coming Soon” landing page announcing the new DEO BROCHUREwebsite and inviting visitors to sign up for updates. By the time of the official DEO launch, hundreds of geologists around the world had signed up.


HKH also produced an array of materials promoting the launch – from an on-screen conference presentation and product brochure to VIP invitations and large-format graphics for a launch event held April 8 during the AAPG Annual Conference and Exhibition in Houston, Texas.


HKH will assist AAPG Datapages in marketing DEO internationally via conference and trade show presentations, print advertising, online media and editorial outreach.


Fans of Tulsa Drillers baseball will be introduced to a major corporate player this season: Harsco, the parent company of longtime HKH client Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers (HAXC) and its new affiliate, Harsco Industrial Hammco.


Visitors inside the stadium will see a new, backlit Harsco sign designed by HKH,  atop the landmark HAXC Drillers Sign“derrick gateway” exit from the Drillers stadium.


During each of the season’s 72 home games, Harsco will sponsor a “Harsco RBI Inning” announced by a special video on the giant stadium scoreboard as well as on LED “ribbons” encircling the stadium. If a Harsco RBI is scored in one of HAXC HARSCO RBI FANDrillers “Fireworks Nights” games, Harsco will donate $100 to the American Red Cross – Eastern Oklahoma Region. If an RBI is batted in during a Harsco RBI Inning in any other game, fans will receive special prizes.


In May, a Harsco Game will celebrate HAXC’s 60th Anniversary and welcome Harsco Industrial Hammco employees to the Harsco family.



HKH has created a new inventory of branding ads for longtime client Public Service Company of Oklahoma.


Flagship print ads focus on key brand messages comprised in PSO’s corporate mission statement, We power Oklahoma: value, reliability, innovation, commitment to Oklahoma’s growth and prosperity, and leadership in contributing to the quality of life in the state and the communities PSO has served for more than 100 years.


Designed with a “family look” that sits comfortably next to recent advertising for specific PSO programs, the startup print inventory includes 12 creative units. The first of these ads appeared in full-page newspaper placements in March. Plans are for the ads to appear in various sizes in both newspapers and magazines statewide over the course of the year.



HKH has pulled out all stops to help longtime client Harsco Industrial Air-X_Changers (HAXC) make the most of a banner year.

 HAXC 60th Anniv Medallion

•  Founded in 1964, the company this year celebrates its 60th Anniversary – which will be commemorated by an HKH-designed “medallion” included in its new 2014 advertising campaign as well as in all other printed materials produced during the year.


•  Following on a highly successful trade publication “poster ad” campaign that ran from 2012 through last year, HAXC and HKH has launched a new print campaign for 2014. The new full-page print ads use innovative design and typography to embed in headlines key words signaling HAXC brand strengths, telegraphing key brand messages to HAXC audiences.


HAXC HAMMCO ANNOUNCE•  The year started with the announcement that Harsco, HAXC’s parent, acquired Hammco, a Tulsa-area manufacturer of coolers used in natural gas processing, oilfield operations and other industries. Rebranded as Harsco Industrial Hammco, LLC, the company will be managed by HAXC. Together the two affiliated companies will offer a wider range of cooling solutions and open new markets for HAXC.


In addition to full page advertisements announcing the acquisition in Tulsa-area newspapers, HKH secured far-flung press coverage that included national news outlets as well as local print and broadcast news media and industry trades.


HAXC RELOCATION HEADLINE_TWORLD•  In April, HAXC announced that it would consolidate its operations in a 525,000 square-foot facility at a new industrial park to be developed at the site of the former Ford Glass plant, a Tulsa-area landmark. The move will make HAXC the anchor tenant in what is expected to be a major Tulsa-area development. Currently, HAXC operates four separate facilities totaling 325,000 s.f. – with three plants at the Tulsa Port of Catoosa and one in Sapulpa, OK.


HKH secured local coverage of the announcements, with planned follow-up in national and trade press and ongoing coverage of relocation milestones, which HAXC expects to complete by year-end.


It was the fourth time since November that wide coverage has been secured BY HKH for major HAXC news.


HAXC HARSCO RBI FAN•  As part of an ongoing effort to build Tulsa-area awareness of the Harsco brand, HKH is supporting HAXC in a major multi-year sponsorship of the Tulsa Drillers baseball organization.


A special Harsco Day at the Drillers stadium in May will provide an opportunity for employees and Tulsa-area fans to celebrate a truly remarkable year for company that is most definitely on the move.


HKH is proud to be of service along the way.

Thousands of Tulsa State Fair visitors took a stroll down Public Service Company of Oklahoma’s Electric Avenue – an exhibit designed to teach kids of all ages (and attendant grownups) about energy: what it is, where it comes from and how to use it more efficiently.


Working with PSO’s Consumer Programs department, HKH designed and created the exhibit, which featured a 60’ x 40’ enclosure decked out with festive, kid-targeting graphics, 24 large informational posters and interactive exhibits including a real wind turbine sized for home use, a geothermal heat pump display, a solar powered car, battery-powered motorcycle and more. Louie the Lightning Bug – PSO’s longtime electrical safety and efficiency spokesbug – made a number of “in-person” appearances during the week-long exhibition.


Over 1,000 school-age children received certificates for making a “Be An Energy Star Efficiency Pledge” – and even more adults signed up to win a free widescreen TV.


Fair organizers selected Electric Avenue for an award as the 2012 Tulsa State Fair’s “Most Interactive Exhibit,”


 “So many people visited Electric Avenue, we just about used up our inventory of brochures and other efficiency-related materials,” said PSO’s Kerry Rowland, who headed the project.


“It was a wonderful chance to interact with our customers and present energy and efficiency information in a fun, entertaining way.”


Exhibits were provided by Ion Energy, K&M Shillingford, the Tulsa Community College NE Campus Engineering Technology Department and Tulsa Public Schools,.


Tulsa-based Crain Displays supplied the exhibit structure. Large-format printing was handled by Tulsa’s Meeks Group and PSO Print Services .


Longtime HKH client, Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers (Harsco AXC) – the world leader in natural gas compression cooling systems – has launched an innovative new trade publication advertising campaign.


Rather than the same-old, same-old ads usually found in natural gas industry trade publications, HKH created high-impact “mini-posters” delivering a variety of messages that set Harsco AXC apart: unequaled experience, a half-century track record of industry leadership, innovation – and products that are simply better designed and built for long-term performance and reliability no other coolers can match.

The first ad in the campaign – designed around a “vintage” cooler photo  – carries the headline: “You Think Your Job Is Tough? This Cooler Hasn’t Had A Day Off In 35 Years.”


International industrial giant Harsco has owned the company for decades – and two years ago, the firm known since 1954 as “Air-X-Changers” or “AXC” was rebranded under its current name. To connect the relatively unfamiliar new brand with the company’s long history and half-century of brand-strength, a “brand graphic” featuring the original AXC logo and the legend “The One And Only – Est. 1954” appears in each of the ads.


Striking out strongly in a new advertising direction made special sense this year, when a dynamic new leadership team has taken the reins at Harsco AXC, led by General Manager Eric Clower.


The campaign will continue with a series of poster-like ads in throughout 2012.

Magoon & Associates has launched an innovative print and online ad campaign to reinforce brand and product awareness in its marketplaces, with a focus on affordable dental and disability insurance options.


One print ad features a photo of a happy, smiling family – 30-something parents and gorgeous kids – with the headline, “Do They Know You Don’t Have Disability Insurance?”


A companion ad – targeting prospects for insurance covering business overhead expenses in cases of leadership illness or disability – takes a similar approach. Over a happy small-business group, the ad asks, “Do They Know You Don’t Have Business Overhead Insurance.”


To deliver a message about affordable dental insurance, yet another ad features miles of smiles – a baby whose teeth have yet to come in, teens, a young man and an older lady – with the headline “Could We Interest You In Our Unlimited Smileage Program?”


Targeted online advertising reinforces the print.

"WindChoice – Roper,” a print ad created by HKH for Public Service Company of Oklahoma, has been recognized as the best print ad in the U.S. utility industry in the 2011 E Source Utility Ad Awards Contest.

The contest was open to U.S. and Canadian electric and gas utilities. An independent group of judges selected the winners based on ad effectiveness, objectives, message, memorability, and creativity. The judges were Hunter Marshall, president, The Block and Tackle Group; Mindy Cheval, senior instructor of advertising, University of Colorado at Boulder, School of Journalism and Mass Communication; Kristin Apple and Kevin Malloy, Egg Strategy; and Joe Fallon, independent advertising consultant.

According to the contest sponsor, a record-breaking number of entries were received this year from utilities across the U.S.

Winners were honored at a special awards luncheon at the 24th Annual E Source Forum held in Denver, Colorado last September.

The WindChoice – Roper ad carries into print a message also delivered in 30-second TV and radio spots. Both the print ad and the TV spot feature a PSO employee, Jared Baldwin – who happens to be both an experienced rodeo cowboy and a feature film stuntman, appearing in such films as The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson.

WindChoice lets PSO customers put infinitely renewable, homegrown Oklahoma wind power to work in their homes and businesses for as little as six cents a day extra. By purchasing WindChoice, customers help conserve non-renewable resources, reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation, and show their support for Oklahoma’s fast-growing wind power industry. WindChoice is the first Oklahoma utility renewable program to receive Green-e Energy® certification from the Center for Resource Solutions, assuring customers that WindChoice meets strict environmental and consumer protection standards. Sign up for WindChoice here.


Public Service Company of Oklahoma, a unit of American Electric Power, is an electric utility serving more than 530,000 customers in eastern and southwestern Oklahoma. Learn more about PSO here.


E Source has provided energy business intelligence to over 300 utilities and large energy users for more than 20 years. Read the E Source news release on the 2011 Ad Awards Winners here.



1st Place: 2011 Best Utility Print Ad. Receiving the award (l – r): Dawn Casey, PSO Consumer Programs / WindChoice Program Manager, Stan Whiteford, PSO Corporate Communications, and Kathy Champion, PSO Consumer Programs.